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Region 10 is preparing a mock disaster today

Region 10 Healthcare and Planning Collation will be conducting a regional full scale exercise dealing with a mock Anthrax-white powder disaster.

Those exposed will have to be decontaminated on site and transported to local hospitals for decontamination again.

The regional exercise referred to as Operation Omega Shield and will be taking place today from 9 AM to 12 noon.

The exercise not only involves first responders but other members of the healthcare community as well. They will be responding to this mock disaster as if it were a real event.

If you happen to visit one of nine hospitals or health departments, long term care facilities or government buildings throughout the region today, you may overhear conversations that are not part of day to day operations.

Again please be assured that this is only an exercise and that your healthcare community is making every effort to attend to your needs in the event of a real disaster.

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