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A Floyd County Judge sends a murder case to the Grand Jury

After listening to evidence presented by prosecutors on Tuesday, a Floyd County Judge decided to send a murder case the the Grand Jury. The case involved the shooting death of 43 year old Rodney Mullins of Melvin. Police arrested 23 year old Tyler Shehan of Louisville in connection with the shooting. Prosecutors painted a picture during Tuesday's preliminary hearing that Shehan had planned to shoot Mullins if he showed up at the residence "causing problems". Defense attorneys argued that Mullins was the aggressor and even attempted to enter the house in an attempt to harm Shehan. Shehan's girlfriend Brandi Mullins is the wife of Rodney Mullins. Reports are that a divorce between the two was not final. Defense attorneys said Shehan shot Mullins only after he attempted to enter the home. The judge in the case decided there was enough evidence to send the case to the Grand Jury. Shehans bond was amended to 50,000 with GPS home incarceration in Jefferson County where Shehan is from.

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