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Hal Heiner Exclusive Interview Part 1/3

In an exclusive interview with gubernatorial candidate, Hal Heiner, Q95FM was able to get an inside look into Heiner’s agenda. In part one of a three part series, Q95 asked Heiner questions ranging from coal to education.

One of the most talked about topics for Heiner in Eastern KY has been on the subject about coal and what he plans to do for the region. Heiner was well versed in how the economy has suffered due to Natural Gas prices going down, causing coal as a fuel resource to increase in price. However, Heiner is hopeful in the future of coal.

 “I believe the future for coal is bright. We’ve got a rough 18 months to get through here, but just from a cost of energy standpoint, it will be the low cost provider. And that is why you see countries around the world turning to coal for the economic advantage.”

Stay tuned in for more of this exclusive interview.

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