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Online Safety Tips

We care about your privacy. That's why we work so hard to keep your information secure, but online safety starts and ends with you, the user. The following standards are a good start for keeping your identity and information private, both on this website and elsewhere on the web:

  1. When you log in to our members area, be sure the URL (the web address displayed at the top of your browser) is correct. Our current domain is
    • That address should be at the very beginning, not buried somewhere in the middle--it may or may not be preceeded by "http://" or "https://" but nothing else.
    • Any other address means you're not actually on our website--you could be on a fake one generated by a malicious user trying to learn your logon credentials or intercept information about you.
    • This same rule applies to your e-mail and social media accounts--always be sure when logging in that you're logging into the correct website.
    • This type of attack is called phishing. You can learn more about it on Microsoft's website.
  2. Be suspicious of e-mails or even phone calls you receive claiming they're from us.
    • Even if you provide your e-mail to us, there is ordinarily no reason we would ever need to contact you via e-mail.
    • We only call you to inform you you've won a contest if it's a special drawing--most contest winners just get posted on the winners lists. It's never our responsibility to call contest winners.
    • We'll never ask you to provide any personal information over the phone or e-mail.
    • Remember, features you might use to identify us--like caller ID or an e-mail's "From:" address--can be manipulated to make someone appear to be us.
    • If something doesn't seem right and you want to be sure, you can always call us, e-mail us, or visit the station. By initiating the contact, you can be certain you're in touch with us. All our phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and directions to the station are available at our contact page.
    • Again, this rule applies across the web. E-mails or phone calls can come from people claiming to be with retail stores, your bank, your credit card company, shipping companies, and all kinds of entities. Never provide personal or financial information to a source you don't trust 100%.
  3. Always monitor your child's use of the internet.
    • Keeping kids safe online is imperative, and it all starts with the parent or guardian. Don't be afraid to keep an eye on their surfing habits, chat logs, and the time they spend online. Most importantly: don't be afraid to have a frank discussion with them about the potential dangers on the web.
    • Mashable has a great page with more information about this subject.

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