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November 25Tonya Tackett of Virgie
November 24Susan Coburn of Wayland
November 21Rebecca Morton of David
November 20Kristie blackburn of david
November 19Melissa Cook of Louisa
November 18Nora Pinks of Gunlock
November 17Amanda Preston of Tomahawk
November 14Glen Chapman of Lovely
November 14Bertha Fletcher of Tomahawk
November 13kristi short of printer
November 12Tabitha Tackett of Beaver
November 11Melissa Howard of Staffordsville
November 10Celeste Clatworthy of Prestonsburg
November 7Amy Manns of Salyersville
November 7Thomas Owsley of prestonsburg
November 6Brandon Hall of Tutor Key
November 6Jason Murphy of Auxier
November 4Della Goble of Dwale
November 3brittany joneS of auxier
October 31whitney owsley of prestonsburg



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