We at Q95FM want to thank each and everyone of you in the community for participating in our Birthday Club Contests!

If you don’t win a Dairy Queen cake, be sure to participate on some of our other contests here and on the radio to win more prizes!

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August 2nd – Stan Stegall of Teaberry, KY


July 30th – Holston Slone of Beaver, KY

July 29th – Cody Williams of Auxier, KY

July 28th – Elizabeth Pachnanda of Flat Gap, KY

July 27th – Adyson Williams of Printer, KY

July 26th – Nicky Tackett of Minnie, KY


July 23rd – Austin Hall of Dana, KY

July 22nd – No winner

July 21st  – Kylie Sammons of Dana, KY

July 20th – Braxton Perry of Prestonsburg, KY

July 19th – Chuck Reynolds of Martin, KY


July 16th – Melanie Blake Romans of Eastern, KY

July 15th – Sandra K Mullins of Hurricane, KY

July 14th – Glen Senters of Pikeville, KY

July 13th – Jouette Yeary of Garrett, KY

July 12th – Willie Mosley of Prestonsburg, KY


July 9th – Gail Smith of Teaberry, KY

July 8th – Crystal Bowen of Inez, KY

July 7th – Logan Tackett of Prestonsburg, KY

July 6th – Matt Thomas of Prestonsburg, KY

July 5th – Erika Parsons of Minnie, KY


July 2nd – Abby Collins of McDowell, KY

July 1st – Melvin Hamilton of Prestonsburg, KY

June 30th – Caron Kestner of Paintsville, KY

June 29th – Rylie Kilgore of Prestonsburg, KY

June 28th – Dakota Stumbo of Harold, KY


June 25th – Willis Hunter of Martin, KY

June 24th – Keaton Senters of Pikeville, KY

June 23rd –  Lucy Samons of Garrett, KY

June 22nd – Sarah Hall of Pikeville, KY

June 21st – Conner Blair of Teaberry, KY


June 18th – Brittany Mitchell of Harold, KY

June 17th – Ashleigh Allen of Garrett, KY

June 16th – Aleigha Jarrell of Prestonsburg, KY

June 15th – Heather McKinney of Teaberry, KY

June 14th – Ayden Howell of McDowell, KY


June 11th – Colton Dobson of Wheelwright, KY

June 10th – Jerri Risner of Salyersville, KY

June 9th – Jeffrey Scarberry of Martin, KY

June 8th – Grayson Norman of Prestonsburg, KY

June 7th – Daniel Jones of Beaver, KY


June 4th- Caitlyn Goble of Prestonsburg, KY
June 3rd – Elizabeth Joesph of Garrett, KY
June 2nd – Audrey Turner of Langley, KY
June 1st – Shian Crum of Prestonsburg, KY
May 31st – Jonah Blankenship of Weeksbury, KY


May 28th – Bill Henegar of Wayland, KY
May 27th – Frank Refiett of Prestonsburg, KY
May 26th – Rayland Wicker of Dwale, KY
May 25th – Carlee Salisbury of Staffordsville, KY
May 24th – Angeleigh Poling of Martin, KY


May 21st – Martha Pachnanda of Flat Gap, KY
May 20th – Braydon Hall of Kite, KY
May 19th – Rachel Crider of Hagerhill, KY
May 18th – Savannah Tackett of Robinson Creek, KY
May 17th – Phillip Caudill of Wayland, KY


May 14th – Cindi Jamerson of Garrett, KY
May 13th – Brantley Richardson of Prestonsburg, KY
May 12th – Roy Fields of Pikeville, KY
May 11th – Cody Bentley of Harold, KY
May 10th – Mason Diaz of Prestonsburg, KY



Reel 2 Reel

Reel 2 Reel winners can pick up two (2) movie passes to the Mayo Plaza movie theater in Paintsville, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Tickets are valid for two weeks after winner is announced.