Two young women, a goal, and a solution to the rise of plastic in our oceans is on the way!

High pollution in the oceans has been a rising cause of concern for Planet Earth. Recent research shows likelihood of finding more plastic than fish in the waters of the seas, by 2050, and for this reason there are many people working to generate solutions to this problem.

Thanks to  students Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang , help resolving this ongoing issue is on it’s way! Yao and Wang have been developing this project since their school years and today, reaping the benefits of their hard work. They already have patents and have obtained a financing of 400 thousand dollars to start developing the product.

At only 20 years old, the two have already won 5 prizes for the project and have gained popularity in the science world, as they were the youngest to win the Perlman science prize. The tiny bacteria capable of transforming plastic into CO2 and water is the star of the project. The technology is used in two ways: To clean the beaches and also to produce raw materials for clothing.