Bethany Pennington, Nominated by Myra Allen

“Bethany Pennington is from Prestonsburg, KY. She has three small children, and practices medicine and nursing full-time. Aside from her business work and home life, Bethany makes sure to attend local school functions to show support for our local schools and athletes. Volunteering when she can and attending important school events to voice her support/concerns for the betterment of ALL of children. She makes herself available to many in need of medical advice or help, she is simply selfless. She heads out early every morning to take care of the sick and many others…so a hot, free breakfast would be fitting for everything this woman does and continues to do!”


Tonya Fields, Nominated by Alison Casebolt

“Tonya is a dialysis nurse at FKC. She never missed a day of work caring for her patients all through the pandemic. She regularly has to work “COVID Shifts” dialyzing patients who are Covid positive or a patient under investigation. Thank you for risking your health for the healthy and well-being of your patients.”


Chase Shepherd, Nominated by Jennifer Shepherd

“Chase is the voice behind the 911 calls he is first to know what’s going on holds his title well and he makes sure every call is answered logged and took care of in a timely matter Chase not only is a dispatcher he is a volunteer firefighter for Martin Fire department where he’s been on since the age of 13 as a junior firefighter he is Also a deputy for floyd county sheriff’s office our Son has heard and seen things during the calls and going to scenes of accidents that he stays so strong and helps no matter the need he has a caring loving heart and would take his shirt off his back to help those in need he would give his last dollar to those who needed it , This young man has achieved all his goals and dreams and we call him our HERO”


Kourtney Watkins, Nominated by Virginia Preston

“Kourtney is a ray of sunshine to all who is around her, she always greets the world with a smile. She works diligently for her community providing love, care, and support to her patients and their families in the hardest times of their lives. She is a wonderful mother, nurse, and friend to all. She deserves all the good things in this life!”


Sheena Maynard, Nominated by Kristi Kendall

“Sheena rescues so many animals in our community and often pays for their vet care out of her own pocket. She’s also started a low cost spay/neuter program that will hopefully help with the unwanted pet situation here. Sheena gives away backpacks stuffed with school supplies to local kids every year and even sponsors a bunch of families for gifts and meals every Christmas. She’s an amazing person who deserves the recognition.”


Jack Mozena, Nominated by Sandra Goble

“He is very helpful and goes above to find the book your looking for. Very courteous and has patience and very knowledgeable.”


Bobby Orsborne, Nominated by Amanda Orsborne

“My husband is a community hero in my eyes, his job title is a mechanic but that job stretches far past his 8-5 job. I’ve saw my husband stop countless times during the year to help someone broke down on the side of the road. He has a heart to help others. I’m thankful for that. That’s what makes a hero to me.”


Tommy Reed, Nominated by Wendy Stiltner



Victoria Dennison, Nominated by Mary Dennison

“Victoria is a caring and hard working nurse. She works as a nurse and attends school full time to further her nursing career to better help her patients.”


Chastity Fleming, Nominated by Roger Mullins

“Chas works incredibly hard for her patients. She’s on the front lines of the pandemic making sure all of her patients are cared for.”


Corey Herrington, Nominated by Michaela Gayheart

“In my eyes, Corey’s my community hero because He’s a hard worker that busts his butt everyday to provide for his family. He goes out of his way to help the people he knows and cares for. We live in a small town so everyone knows him and knows he’s there to lend a hand when it’s needed.”


Virginia Preston, Nominated by Morgan Salisbury

“Virginia is a hospice nurse dedicated to going above and beyond for her patients and their families. She is a model employee and an inspirational friend. Her kindness, compassion, and giving heart knows no bounds, that’s what makes her a hero to our community.”


Troy Hunt, Nominated by Shirley Cline

“Troy is our fire chief, and is always ready to go out on any call, no matter what it is he helps helps out in our area anyway he can he has been fire chief over 20 years, even though he has a family he is always ready his sons are following in his footsteps right behind him when ever we have a fire or other circumstance, he is a awesome father ,teacher, and has guided many other volunteers, not many have dedicated there life to help others, like he has.”


Dwayne Marsillett, Nominated by Jessica Marsillett

“Worked over 14 years in mines and loved it he worked everything underground could run the miner with his eyes closed.. Dwayne worked hard never missed worked and got to were he could run all heavy equipment stayed over worked days off. If something broke he was there to help to fix it… All manager from almost every mine company would call him begging him to come and work for them, they would call and over whatever he wanted to get him there. Everyone knows him first words said Dwayne which called him greenie is the best miner man I’ve ever seen works his butt off. Well after 14 yrs long story short found out he has 14 stage black lung and 4 slipped disks 2 herniated and half his brain is black, doctor said he’s a lucky to be alive… No longer aloud to work in the mines… Those words right there was the worst words for Dwayne to hear he got so depressed it got bad felt like he was nothing kept saying he’s not worth anything… After 12 yrs of being out of the mines he’s still talks about the mines everyday some days almost all day, he misses it so bad he said today I wish I could work one day under ground…. Dwayne works on his house, land and other stuff he likes to do to keep his mind off of what he loves… Dwayne will always be my hero and a hero to a lot of people in the mines and friends.. I just wish he could get his dream come true and let him know he’s a big hero to a lot of people… My number one hero for life..”


Olivia Salisbury, Nominated by Ben Salisbury

“Olivia has worked long hours all through the pandemic. As a hospice nurse she works directly with the elderly providing them care and comfort as they transition into the final stages of their mortal existence. She is not just an essential worker to the families that she works with. She is a saving grace in a time of need.”


Kay Rodebaugh, Nominated by Susan Thomas

“At Allen grade school a lot of the students are from low-income families. Can you make sure that the school has all the resources that these babies need to be taken care of. Every year she does a Christmas program where community members donate money and help buy Christmas gifts for the kids that don’t have anything. She does a great job and anytime there are community events going on that have to do with education you will find K at the center of it. She’s gives so much and ask for nothing in return. She always has a smile on her face and is loved by all who know her. Kaye deserves this prize. She also makes sure kids have food for the weekend when they leave school on Friday. I know there are probably a lot of people who deserve this but I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving than Kay. She’s one of a kind and cares so much for these kids at Allen Elementary.”


Katie Thacker, Nominated by Kory Thacker

“My wife has continued to go to work night in and night out throughout this pandemic. She is always worried of carrying something home to myself and our two year old son. She comes home from working a 12 hour nightshift, to watch our son by herself at home, and then go back for another 12 hours that same night since I work dayshift hours. She is a superwoman in my eyes.”


John Hunt, Nominated by Kaden Conn

“John Hunt helps people in our community he keeps everyone safe he is always there if you ever need someone or someone to talk to. John Hunt is my best friend I go to the sheriffs office and sit and talk to everyone there and he makes me feel just like I’m a sheriff to. John Hunt is my hero and if you ever need him he will always be there for you to. Love Kaden Conn”


Sherry Castle, Nominated by Trista Osendott

“Sherry goes above and beyond for the individuals in the program she manages, as well as her employees. She works hard to ensure they’re safe, loved and loved well cared for. She doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. I’d love to give her a daily reminder every morning that she is appreciated!”


Lenny Little, Nominated by Chelsie Madden

“Lenny worked very hard all through covid 19. He works long hours through holidays and whatever weather he finds himself in. He loves all the pets along his route and keeps treats in his pocket for them.”