City of Prestonsburg to vote for new golf cart ordinance

The City of Prestonsburg has a new ordinance up for vote allowing golf carts to be operated on city streets.

According to Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton, the ordinance will designate some roads that golf carts can travel on. It will also designate where they can cross the roadway. The law is they cannot travel on a state roadway.

If the ordinance passes, a licensed driver can operate the golf cart between sunrise to sunset while following traffic laws. The City of Prestonsburg will require drivers to have golf cart insurance.

The ordinance will not allow golf carts to ride on the sidewalk. It also does not allow them to ride on the state highway of 1428 or 321, though crossing is allowed in locations where it’s a 35 mph zone

Mayor Stapleton has stated he is 100 percent in favor of the proposed golf cart ordinance and believes it provides residents convenience to downtown amenities.

The ordinance will be up for a vote on August 17th at the city council meeting.