Floyd County Schools: Floyd County School District Conducts AED Drills to Prepare for Cardiac Emergencies


The Floyd County School District has taken proactive measures to ensure their emergency response capabilities by conducting comprehensive Automated External Defibrillators (AED) drills across all high and middle schools within the county.

“We believe that preparedness is key to ensuring the safety of our school community. These AED drills exemplify our commitment to being ready for any situation so that we can effectively respond in critical moments” emphasized Floyd County Schools Superintendent Anna Shepherd.

The drills were made to replicate authentic cardiac emergencies, furnishing participants with hands-on experience in managing high-pressure scenarios. Participants engaged in the AED drills received in- depth training on operating AED devices, acquainting themselves with their functionalities, and administering vital cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures when warranted. The drills also underscored the importance of clear communication and coordination between school personnel and emergency responders, highlighting the swiftness and cohesion required for an effective response.

Training sessions were conducted August the 3rd and the 10th for the Floyd Central attendance area, August 7th for the Betsy Layne attendance area, and August 8th for the Prestonsburg attendance area through the coordinated efforts of the Floyd County Schools Health Director, Annette Harris.

Participating in this training were: school staff, school coaches, athletic directors, and the Floyd County Safety Director, Thomas Gearheart.