Army officer is blaming DNA match in assaults on his twin brother

An Army Officer accused of sexually assaulting young women in 3 different states will be allowed to present his twin brother as an alternative suspect!?

First Lieutenant, Aaron Lucas, is on trial for louring or attempting to lour at least 11 young women into his vehicle in Colorado between 2009-2012! His DNA has also been linked to the sexual assaults in Texas and Alabama!  But because he has a twin brother and they share identical DNA, the Judge says there is no way to stop Lucas from trying to pin the blame on his twin brother, Brian Lucas.

Judge David Shakes says, “whether it’s persuasive or not – that’s not my role!…..It is the role of the jury….”

There is more evidence link Brian Lucas to the assaults from him living briefly in all three states and owning the black vehicle described by one of the victims.